Engine Building

Here at Bignell's, we are known for our engine building from simple rebuilds or the not so simple full mod engines. We have built award-winning Stihl mod saws for competition and money-making Stihl saws for the loggers in almost every state in the United States including a custom ms660 for the red Woods in California. We have built Engines for ATVs, UTVs, and motorcycles from the Motorcross tracks to dirt tracks to ice tracks. Our engines have won at the district/state/national levels. We have had many district-champions an in one year every ATV class championship was won by a Bignell's built engine. We also built two national championship engines as well as one World championship ice quad.

Our ds 450 can am in open class ice pelting a banshee.


  • Head porting and flow work
  • High comp engines
  • High rpm engines
  • Carb mods
  • IGN work
  • Stroker motors
  • Crank an rod mods
  • Big valve heads
  • Performance cam matching
  • Stihl mod saws